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The Boat Yard is the place where you can ask questions and get tips from marine specialist who have volunteered to share their knowledge and expertise on boat repair and rebuilding.

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Captain Larry Beavers Column and Tips

Yacht Broker Captain Larry Beavers.
Whether you are buying or selling ... you can now ask an actual Broker "those insider" questions about using a Broker and receive a non-slanted, pointblank answer unavailable most times from any other source. Larry is wise as to all 3 coasts (there is a difference), BONDED, LICENSED, and affiliated with many Marine associations. Larry is a graduate of numerous maritime courses and institutes and is also an Accredited Marine Surveyor, though not active. Larry was one of the founders of the International Maritime Institute and also has his USCG Masters License. He has "boated" all three coasts and has lived aboard his vessel for 4 years.

Ask The Yacht Broker

Rob Scanlan, CMS/AMS NAVTECH/US Master Marine Surveyor

Marine Surveyor Rob Scanlan is one of the most experienced and capable marine surveyor professionals serving coastal New England, Cape Cod and the Islands. He is a third generation Professional marine surveyor. Rob has 32 Years of marine experience.

A boat is a big investment, so before you buy have a qualified marine surveyor check your boat out. He will go thoroughly through the boat and report to you the estimated worth of the boat and all repairs that need to be done before you buy. Bottom line, the surveyor will give you the information for you to decide if you want the  boat or not. Make sure the surveyor inspects the engines. Marine engines can be very expensive to replace or repair.

Ask The Surveyor

Walke Point Marine Consultants

Marine Law Consultant Lawrence P. Leonardson is a Coast Guard veteran with 22 years of active duty service, 13 of those years as a Marine Inspector. Lawrence's experience includes having been a fully qualified inspector for hull, structural, machinery systems and drydock examinations. Lawrence can act as your representative in dealing with the U.S. Coast Guard and repair facilities. He is well versed in the Federal Code of Regulations for Shipping. He can also conduct third party dockside inspections on tow boats, tug boats and fishing vessels.

Email To answer questions on federal boating/shipping regulations Ask The Marine Consultant

Wayne Weber operates a small independent marine repair shop in South Carolina, as did his father before him. Wayne can answer questions in all the aspects of Marine troubleshooting and repair; including outboard motors, inboard motors, stern drives, electrical systems, fuel systems, and safety concerns. Wayne can answer questions on most hull related problems with the exception of wood hulls (Aluminum, Fiberglass, Kevlar, Gel coat experience).  He is factory trained and certified on Johnson, Evinrude (OMC), Mercury & Mariner outboards. This marine expert really know his business. Checkout Wayne's website for maintenance tips & Repair.

Ask The Broke Boat Expert

Shop and Building Tips

Boat Builder David N. Goodchild is an amateur boat builder and has over 25 years of boating and building experience. Checkout his Shop Tips & Building Tips.

Checkout David's Website at

David's Email  If you have questions about David's Shop or Building Tips Ask Here

 The Engine Room

Engine Expert Bryon Kass has been in the boat building and repair business since the early 80's. His background includes most all boat and engine brands. Bryon has technical experience in diagnostics, rebuilding and repair.
For outdrives and outboards please see Outboards and Outdrives Below.

MailBox Ask The Mechanic

Outboards and Outdrives Dealers and Businesses.

Master Electrician Victor Bates has a company called Sea Tech Engineering Offshore Designs, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, and SAR of China in Hong Kong.  They design and refit marine electrical systems and computer navigation systems for offshore cruising yachts. Checkout his electrical tips and ask him your questions about marine electronics. Victor and Charley Morgan have formed a company and will be designing and building boats together in China. You can visit their company's website at: Morgan Offshore

Victor Bates Ask The Electrician

Mast Mate

Master Boat Builder Gary Wheeler presently lives on a classic 36 ft. ketch named Ms Crumpet in Rockland, Maine, he has a shop nearby and is a master boat builder. Gary built his first boat at 12, a kit runabout. There was no water within a 100 miles, but his love for boat building was overpowering. At 30 he worked in a boatyard in Manchester Mass. There for several years he learned from the "old timers", now 25 years later, he claims "I am one of the old timers." Gary's expertise covers all phases of wooden boat construction, repair, and renovation.

MastMate Ask The Wood Boat Builder

Classic Boatworks of Maine

Wooden Boat Restorers Marshall and Jo Duhaime has built and restored classic wood boats since 1958. They both have owned and operated the Classic Boatworks of Maine. They have enjoyed offering advice to wooden boat owners for many years. Marshall and Jo believe that few wooden boats are so far gone that they can't be restored and look forward to answering your questions.

Sadly Marshall Passed away in March 2009.

Marshall and Jo's website Classic Boat Works Of Maine has been closed .
Over the years Jo has learned many boat building and repair techniques from Marshall.
Jo has generously opted to leave this webpage open to answer your questions.

Clasic Boatworks Ask Jo

Peggie Hall first entered the marine business in 1987, when she formed Peal Products, which was the first company in the marine industry to focus exclusively on
Marine Head onboard sewage management issues and the elimination of odors on boats. In addition to the Peal Products line of environmentally friendly sanitation and cleaning products (which were soon given outstanding performance ratings by Powerboat Reports and Practical Sailor), Peal Products was a distributor for every major US manufacturer of marine toilets, MSDs, and related equipment and accessories. More about Peggie Hall

Peggie Hall has specialized in marine sanitation since 1987, she has a Guide Book To Marine Sanitation Systems and Other Sources of Aggravation and Odors. You can get a copy at: Get Rid of Boat Odors.

Peggie HallAsk The Sanitation Expert

HYAB Osmocure
Louis De Wit works for a Holland based company called HYAB osmocure. HYAB has a patented method for repair of "osmosis" blisters and delaminations in fiberglass boat hulls. Bengt Blomberg is the founder of HYAB and has done research on osmosis (polyester hydrolisation) for more then 20 years. Their international team of specialist can answer any questions regarding this subject and have a complete databank of information on the different types of osmosis that plague the different types of boats. With their knowledge they can help people to make the proper decisions.

MailBox  To answer questions on polyester hydrolisation Ask The Osmosis Experts

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